HRchitect Tech Vendor News: WorkForce Software’s Upcoming Vision 2013 User Conference to Feature Extensive Nuclear Track

Conference Focus Includes How Nuclear Industry Can Leverage Automated Workforce Management to Address Challenges Such as Employee Fatigue and Regulatory Compliance 


LIVONIA, Mich. (October 3, 2013) – WorkForce Software, the leading provider of workforce management solutions for organizations with complex labor policies and stringent compliance demands, today shared details of the comprehensive Nuclear Track agenda the company will present at its Vision 2013 annual user conference. The conference will be held at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida from Sunday, November 3 through Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Nuclear facility operators face significant challenges in managing their teams, from providing new employees with the necessary training and work schedules to optimize productivity and safety, to mitigating the risk of fatigue and ensuring compliance with government regulations. Although the U.S. nuclear industry as a whole continues to operate at high levels of safety and efficiency, reporting only 0.05 industrial safety accidents per 200,000 worker hours in 2012, the risk of employee fatigue is always present. To maintain safe and productive work environments, the nuclear industry must be able to contend with factors like understaffing, insufficient rest periods and sleep deprivation among employees. Moreover, the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan has led to more stringent regulations, presenting additional challenges for the U.S. nuclear industry.

WorkForce Software has long been a trusted partner and solution provider to the nuclear industry through its Fatigue Management Nuclear Industry Pak (FMNIP), an extension of its EmpCenter® workforce management suite. FMNIP combines automatic rules enforcement for the nuclear industry’s highly intricate fitness-for-duty regulations with an unmatched level of active monitoring and notifications to help supervisors seamlessly manage safety and compliance.

During WorkForce Software’s Vision 2013 user conference, clients in the nuclear industry will have an opportunity to gain further value from their partnership with WorkForce Software through a robust agenda that includes:


·         EmpCenter FMNIP Rules and Their Administration – This two-day intermediate-level training course is designed for individuals already familiar with EmpCenter FMNIP and includes theory, examples and hands-on exercises. Participants will learn to use the key reference documentation standards (Addendum A and the Online Averaging Specification), discover the pros and cons of the different approaches to managing the rules and gain the insight to use EmpCenter FMNIP most effectively. Key topics of this course include the most important concepts and settings, day and shift definitions, online operations, outages and special cases.


·         Product Capabilities of EmpCenter FMNIP – This course is designed to show participants how they can get maximum benefit from FMNIP by highlighting the features and capabilities in FMNIP of which users might not be aware. The agenda for the course includes presentations of key features included in more recent versions of FMNIP, such as limit warnings, and includes discussions among participants on how they currently use or expect to benefit from these features. Some of the features to be discussed include advanced mobile capabilities, warnings and thresholds, configurable settings, fatigue assessments, and improvements for reporting, administration, security, delegation and user interface.

“For years, the nuclear community has been at the vanguard of fatigue risk mitigation strategies, and our joint successes have helped inform the development of EmpCenter FM, the most widely adopted fatigue solution across multiple industries,” said Kevin Choksi, WorkForce Software’s Vice President of Product Strategy. “We are pleased to advance the dialogue on fatigue management at Vision 2013 with a special nuclear track brimming with the latest ideas and solution techniques.”


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