HRchitect Tech Vendor News: Peoplefluent Compliance Reporting Center Delivers Instantaneous Audit Readiness

Compliance Reporting Center Enriches Good Faith Efforts for Compliance with New Disability and Veteran Regulations through Centralized Distribution and Visualization Capabilities

WALTHAM, Mass.February 11, 2014 Peoplefluent®, a leading social human capital management technology company, announced powerful new enhancements to Peoplefluent’s Compliance Reporting Center (CRC), an automated affirmative action tracking and reporting system. CRC enables federal contractors to accumulate, monitor and produce documentation of federally-mandated Good Faith Effort activity in a secure repository that can be readily accessed in the event of an Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) audit.

Manual processes to track Good Faith Efforts to comply with recent Disability and Veteran regulations can result in incomplete and highly inefficient recordkeeping. This can cause organizations to bear costly fines, lose valuable contracts, and incur the operational cost of valuable employee time spent sifting through paperwork.

“Federal contractors operate in an increasingly complex compliance environment. The ability to quickly and efficiently deliver compliance requirements with Affirmative Action Good Faith Efforts is critical to their success,” said Randy Jesberg, general manager, Workforce Compliance, Diversity, Planning & Analytics Divisions, Peoplefluent. “These vital new capabilities provide federal contractors the ability to track, manage and produce Good Faith Effort-related documentation to prove compliance. We’ve designed this system to address the evolving needs of the contractor community and act as a strategic asset to foster high-performance, inclusive work environments.”

Automation and intuitive workflows enable managers to direct time away from cumbersome paperwork and toward advancing their organizations’ strategic diversity goals. Unique to the solution, Peoplefluent’s Universal Report Loader provides the flexibility to upload reports to the CRC from any Affirmative Action Plan system through an automated workflow, ensuring one comprehensive, searchable repository for all reports.

In addition, global subsetting capabilities enable compliance executives to assign individual Good Faith Effort activities to certain departments and locations, ensuring that individual plan owners can focus on particular assignments without being flooded by unrelated assignments from elsewhere within the organization. This also enables management to track the success of Good Faith Effort activities at multiple locations.

Other new enhancements to the CRC include:

  • Enriched recordkeeping capabilities enable managers to associate documents and web links to particular Good Faith Effort activities.
  • Document management capabilities enable managers to determine which folders individuals have access to and set email alerts any time the contents of a folder have changed.
  • Improved user experience capabilities enable users to more quickly and easily view and navigate through different functions, further increasing operating efficiency.

The latest version of Peoplefluent’s Compliance Reporting Center is now available. For information on Peoplefluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions, please visit:


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