HRchitect Tech Vendor News: Award-Winning Ceridian Dayforce Human Capital Management Extends Industry’s Only Single HCM Application With Dayforce Recruiting

Dayforce Recruiting Greatly Enhances The Recruiter, Hiring Manager & Candidate Experience, Accelerates Time-to-Hire & Enables Seamless Conversion From Candidate To Employee With Single Employee Record From Application Through The Full Employee Lifecycle

Minneapolis, MN, May 21, 2014 – Ceridian announces Dayforce Recruiting – the latest addition to Dayforce Human Capital Management, the multiple award-winning, single, real-time SaaS based application, which includes Payroll, Workforce Management, Benefits and HR.

Dayforce Recruiting equips recruiters and hiring managers with the intuitive means to identify staffing needs, create job requisitions, attract candidates, and hire best-fit job candidates. Dayforce Recruiting extends the Dayforce HCM use of the single employee record to include job candidates as the natural first point of contact in the employee lifecycle. Dayforce Recruiting simplifies processes for converting a candidate to an employee with all the data contained in the one employee record. Furthermore, Dayforce Recruiting makes it easier to offer internal mobility options to current employees. Dayforce Recruiting is the first delivery in Dayforce HCM talent capability.

With Dayforce Recruiting, organizations can:

Find and hire the right people, faster

  • The job application is easily aligned to the position. Recruiters can either choose to collect all available information about a candidate or focus on making it very simple to apply, guaranteeing that candidates will complete the application process quickly.
  • Configurable and customizable application forms allow recruiters to collect the desired data and responses to specific job questions, getting information that helps match the candidate to the position.
  • A single employee record is created and maintained. This means that hiring into a job requisition is as simple as converting the external candidate into an employee with all the data already contained in the one employee record. Likewise, an internal candidate can simply become a position transfer and each type of candidate can be seen side by side and follow a different workflow path to hire.
  • A full set of social sharing options enables employees to share jobs directly to their social networks from Dayforce Recruiting, making it easier to generate the most valuable candidate: an employee referral. Recruiters can push out jobs to their social networks and the corporate social media pages of the organization looking to hire.

Redefine the internal and external candidate experience

  • Application forms are straightforward and simple. Candidates can easily apply for jobs by uploading a resume and profile information from social media and can share the jobs posted with others in their social network.
  • Candidates are kept up to date and engaged throughout the hiring process with configurable and personalized automated messaging, letting them know where they are in the hiring process.

Empower the hiring manager with valuable talent insight and transparent processes allowing for a rich pipeline of candidates to be efficiently and strategically managed

  • Managers gain as much visibility as desired into viewing candidates, submitting job requisitions and monitoring progress.
  • Candidates can be managed in the same way as employees, making it easy to search for past applicants that are ranked against search criteria and placed in custom groupings.
  • Managers receive a valuable set of reports, enabling them to understand which candidate sources are most successful in delivering valued employees.

“In designing Dayforce Recruiting, special attention was given to the recruiter, hiring manager and candidate experiences, ensuring that each was flexible enough to capture information quickly and completely,” says Rob Rose, vice president of product management, Ceridian. “The design of Dayforce Recruiting combined with the architecture behind Dayforce HCM effectively eliminates cumbersome and duplicate data entry, improving hiring efficiency. Features that mine relevant information, along with a streamlined application process that flows right into the organization’s onboarding process, make finding the right people and converting candidates into productive and engaged employees easier than ever.”

“With Dayforce Recruiting, we will be able to streamline our requisition and job posting processes as well as develop, manage and capitalize on our candidate pool more effectively. We’ll also be able to track the status of qualified candidates within our hiring process and ultimately hire the right people when we need them,” says Jennifer Irwin, vice president, human resources & communications at Allied Properties REIT. “As a result of Dayforce Recruiting, not only will we become more strategic about our recruitment efforts — which in itself is excellent for the organization and the people we employ — but we project a significant return on investment already within the first year of implementation.”

“In the market today the majority of organizations (64%) are focused on usability of new applications as their top technology selection criteria,” says Stephan Millard, vice president and research director, Ventana Research. “Ceridian Dayforce Recruiting takes advantage of this trend by being built on the same cloud based system as the rest of the Dayforce suite and providing an easy to navigate user interface for recruiters and hiring managers.”

A partner network that includes agreements with Jobvite for recruitment marketing capabilities, HireRight & Sterling for background check capabilities, eQuest for job distribution and TweetMyJobs for social recruitment and interactive job mapping technology further extends the core functionality of Dayforce HCM. Customers can now take advantage of the rapid pace of innovation in candidate sourcing, job distribution and employment branding and marketing areas.


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