HRchitect Tech Vendor News: University of Colorado Rolls out SkillSurvey Pre-Hire 360®

Allows HR Department to Conduct Reference Assessments Earlier in the Hiring Process

WAYNE, PA – June 19, 2014 – SkillSurvey, Inc., the inventor of the Pre-Hire 360® assessment, which recently received a U.S. Patent, today announced that the University of Colorado will implement Pre-Hire 360® to conduct reference assessments on job candidates earlier in its hiring process.

“With Pre-Hire 360®, we’re getting a much more complete picture of our job candidates’ strengths and weaknesses through candid feedback from their references,” said Lisa Landis, Assistant VP, Employee Services, University of Colorado, Office of the President.  “Prior to using Pre-Hire 360, we waited to contact references until we had a final candidate.  We now use Pre-Hire 360 to assess our top 3 to 5 candidates.  This provides our hiring managers with detailed information on which to base their interview and hiring decisions.”

The HR team at the University of Colorado has already seen the following benefits from using Pre-Hire 360®:

  • Time and money saved
  • Increased quality of hires
  • Improved hiring manager experience

Carolyn Kidd Proctor, HR Program Manager at the University of Colorado System, said, “We have already been able to avoid risky hires identified during the assessment process.  And it’s a time-saver for everyone—the hiring managers, the committee members, the candidates, and HR.”

Now, using Pre-Hire 360®, the HR team is getting detailed feedback from an average of 4.72 references per candidate in less than 2 days.  Pre-Hire 360® allows hiring managers to evaluate a candidate’s past performance based on answers to job-specific survey questions provided by prior managers, co-workers and direct reports. SkillSurvey has more than 360 job-specific surveys that help recruiters better assess candidates before interviewing and narrowing their applicant pools.

“Insights from references about a candidate’s past job performance are among the best predictors of future job success,” said Jann Gillingham, Director of Higher Ed Product Management at SkillSurvey.  “Institutions like the University of Colorado are increasingly using SkillSurvey’s pre-hire reference assessments to make better, more informed faculty and staff hiring decisions.”


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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