Awards recognize innovative customer organizations who have upended and replaced outdated, inefficient recruiting methods with a modern, digital approach that advances the candidate experience and business goals
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah—June 13, 2014 – Leading Talent Interaction PlatformTM provider HireVue, today announced the winners of its first annual Digital Disruption Awards. These innovators have reported significant results including incredible candidate feedback and positive impacts to their recruitment brand and bottom line. The awards were presented during a dinner at HireVue’s first annual Digital Disruption Recruiting Conference in Park City, Utah.

Digital Disruptor Award Winners include:

  Best Candidate Experience: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Red Bull, and TMX Finance, were all recognized for having the highest candidate Net Promoter Scores (NPS) among all HireVue customers for the past four consecutive quarters with scores of 70 to 80 quarter after quarter. These scores are nearly triple the average of each winner’s overall industry NPS. Candidates consistently rank each of these winners’ digital recruiting experiences as top-notch, and in return, would recommend their brands to others.

  Best Integrated Brand Experience: UnitedHealth Group and Red Bull, were both recognized for incorporating their brand across digital recruiting channels and digital interviewing landing pages for multiple hiring types including executives, college, military, interns, and more.

  Best Digital Recruiting Launch: Connections Education was recognized for its strategic launch of HireVue and the immediate impact made due of its well thought out and communicated launch. The company expanded its reach and completed 2300 interviews on the HireVue Platform in its first five months alone.

  Best College Recruiting Program: Texas Instruments was awarded for transforming its college recruiting efforts, reporting 90% usage of digital recruiting among campus recruits, and feedback from thousands of candidates who love the flexibility of interviewing anywhere, anytime their busy schedules allow.

  Most Innovative Digital Use Case: Carnival Cruise Lines and Aon Hewitt were both recognized for their innovative use of HireVue, including using digital to audition musicians for Carnival’s fleet of 24 Fun Ships, and using HireVue to conduct live, two-way scenario role plays, as part of Aon Hewitt’s assessment process for one of its key clients.

  Digital Newcomers of the Year: Nordstrom, Siemens, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, are the newest innovators and digital disruptors of the group, having most recently launched digital recruiting efforts. These winners reported results including dramatic reductions in time to fill, and positive feedback from recruiters, hiring managers and executives who, in one company, called digital recruiting “the most innovative recruiting initiative” to take place over the last 15 years.

  Digital Disruptor Sponsor of the Year: Once again, UnitedHealth Group demonstrated tremendous leadership and advocacy of its digital recruiting efforts across the business. The company has created a positive, integrated candidate experience that has led to the engagement of more than 20,000 candidates in the past five months across several lines of business and positions.

  Recruiter Rock Star Hall of Fame: Marathon Petroleum and Aon Hewitt were both recognized for contributions from individual recruiters who embraced digital, drove adoption across the business, and truly transformed and modernized the recruiting function within their respective organizations.

  Digital Disruptor of the Year (Less than 5,000 employees): Anderson Merchandisers, a top provider of merchandising services and events for retail stores, was recognized for the complete transformation of its recruiting process to digital. After going digital, the company was able to hire 1,025 retail consultants in just five months with HireVue.

  Digital Disruptor of the Year (More than 5,000 employees): JPMorgan Chase was recognized for the leadership displayed by the company’s internal digital recruiting champion, the well thought out launch and ongoing education of HireVue across recruiting teams, and the business results reported, including a 25 percent lift in recruiter productivity, a marked reduction in time to fill, increases in satisfaction of the recruiting process among candidates, recruiters and hiring managers, and more.

  Global Digital Disruptor of the Year: Hilton Worldwide was recognized for its immediate embrace and usage of digital recruiting across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. In just one year, Hilton conducted more than 12,000 digital interviews worldwide. The company is also using HireVue as part of its military recruiting efforts, underpinning its commitment to hiring 10,000 veterans over the next five years and better enabling them to tell their story. Hilton reports a candidate Net Promoter Score of 72, which is nearly triple the average NPS score of the hospitality industry overall.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by HireVue for consistently having one of the highest candidate Net Promoter Scores among its customers,” said Lindsey Reed-Smith, VP of Talent Acquisition at TMX Finance. “As one of the largest and fastest growing consumer finance companies in the US, we are often hiring in markets where we have no brand recognition. It’s imperative that we provide a digital recruiting experience that reflects who we are as an organization, and what candidates can expect if they join our team. We’re excited to continue to deliver an incredible experience, and reach even more candidates with the convenience and ease of digital recruiting.”

“Our award winners have all demonstrated innovation, leadership, and an appetite to lead and embrace new technologies to improve their respective recruiting functions, ” said Mark Newman, founder and CEO of HireVue. “The results that our winners have reported have not only helped modernize and re- invent recruiting, but have also played a signficant role across the business – helping to bring scale to talent interactions and bringing delight to all of those involved in recruiting great talent in today’s competitive market.”


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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