HRchitect Tech Vendor News:ADP Sees Strong Demand in Midmarket as ADP Workforce Now® Passes 50,000 Clients

ADP Puts Powerful Human Capital Management Innovations to Use for Midsized Businesses

ROSELAND, N.J. – June 19, 2014 – More than 50,000 midsized organizations have selected ADP’s cloud-based ADP Workforce Now® human capital management (HCM) solution to help improve their business performance.  Introduced just five years ago, ADP Workforce Now helps businesses with 50 or more employees manage everything from basic payroll and compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to employee management across more than 30 countries.  In addition, ADP Workforce Now puts powerful mobile HR solutions in the hands of client employees and opens access to developers and system integrators through the platform’s Application Programming Interface (API) Library.

“The adoption of ADP Workforce Now in the midmarket reflects trends we see in our research with HR executives and business owners,” says Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies at IDC.  “Midsized companies recognize the competitive advantages available in successfully managing an increasingly complex business environment, and are looking to more integrated solutions like ADP Workforce Now to help them drive these outcomes.”

As midsized business owners and HR professionals face increased complexity through government regulation, contend with security concerns related to business and employee data, and look to HR information to help make better business decisions, ADP Workforce Now has become the solution used by more businesses than any other HCM solution designed for the midmarket today.

“We’re proud to pass the 50,000 client mark in just five years,” said Regina Lee, President, Major Account Services and ADP Canada.  “We’ve added on average 27 clients to ADP Workforce Now per day since we launched ADP Workforce Now.  We continue to innovate and enhance the solution as the needs of the midmarket evolve.”



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